The process


1. Become a CPDAS member

2. Submit acitvities for accreditation

1. Become a member


Before submitting learning applications for accreditation an individual or organisation must become a member of the CPDAS. 

CPDAS members may declare themselves as such and may display the CPDAS logo on their learning applications and their websites, stationery etc.

The level of membership required depends on the number of learning applications that are required to be certified.

2. Submit activities for accreditation


Before it may be offered bearing the CPDAS symbol of accreditation a learning activity must first be assessed and certified.

The learning activity remains certified while ever the provider is a member of CPDAS and unless the provider cancels certification. The minimum term of certification is six months.

Members receive our step-by-step Submission Guide.

Become a member