CPD for Medical Aesthetics


In the current absence of a robust legal framework surrounding Medical Aesthetics, and with the existence of so many grey areas in the field, the ultimate, and often only, arbiters of who may do what to whom are the providers of professional indemnity insurance.

One of the criteria when deciding whether to offer professional indemnity insurance to an individual is the training they have taken in the treatments for which they are to be insured. It is, therefore, of vital importance that the insurers are provided with a benchmark against which to measure the quality and efficacy of the training and that they can be confident that the individual they are insuring has been trained to operate in a safe and competent way.

CPD accreditation of a learning activity provides the insurers with an assurance that the training has reached or exceeded exacting standards with particular attention being paid to client safety.

The CPDAS specialises in the accreditation of training applications within the field of Medical Aesthetics. Our panel of assessors has a combination of many years of experience in the Medical Aesthetics field and training in particular.

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