1. Submit an event for accreditation


2. Send your event presentations and supporting information


The following will be useful to the assessor:



The scheduled agenda of the event


If these are not available in advance please confirm that they will be made available post-event as they are needed for the accreditation record.

Presentation notes for the speaker.

Where presentations have been supplied please also supply presentation notes.

Delegate evaluation mechanism (if conducted).

If the delegates’ learning or competency are to be evaluated how will this be done? Please supply questions and answers and pass or fail criteria. Please note that delegate evaluation is not necessarily required for CPD accreditation.

Delegate feedback mechanism (if requested).

If feedback is to be requested how will this be done? Please supply any forms etc offered to the delegates.



Please go to WeTransfer to send your files. There’s no need to register and you can send everything safely in one go.

Files should be sent to admin@cpdas.co.uk

Please quote your CPDAS member number in the message section.